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Why Are Touch Up Appointments Important?

Have you had your eyebrows microbladed or feathered? If you have gotten your first initial appointment, it is time for you to be preparing for a Touch Up Appointment!

Why do I need a touch up?

In some cases, the body thoroughly assimilates the pigment, and the semi-permanent tattoo simply vanishes. Sometimes, due to an assortment of factors, including body chemistry, treatment, or sun exposure, the pigment may even change color. The touch up comes as an opportunity to settle any of the undesired development that may have happened, like the loss of a stroke or adding more strokes. Touch ups include adding more to certain areas that did not properly retain the pigment. Each person's skin type is different and each person absorbs pigments differently and may require deeper shading and brow redefinition, if necessary. Also, we can rectify the pigment color. Each individual’s unique skin will determine the longevity of their pigment, but generally, brows will last from one to two years, and regular maintenance will ensure you look your best. Touch ups are done no earlier than 8 weeks after your initial procedure.

Difference between initial healed appointment and touch up appointment

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