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Twenty Nine

Today is my birthday! I was born on March 26th, 1990. I’m celebrating my last year of my twenties! Which I’m excited about because I feel like you get more respect when you’re out of your 20’s and I’m ready for ALL the respect! Put some respect on my name! 😂


I’ve written 10 things I’ve either learned about myself and or facts about myself. I’m not doin 29 things about myself cause I can’t think of that many things and y’all already know too much about me!

1. I’m half Black ✊🏿 & Thai 🇹🇭

2. I FaceTime my niece and nephew everyday. I love them so much they get annoyed of me always callin, but I just miss them and hate living so far away!

3. I love Mariah Carey. She is my FAVORITE, my spirit animal if you will! Her birthday is the day after mine. Diana Ross has the same birthday as me soooo me being great shouldn’t come as a surprise to you 😂 jk jk (don’t take me seriously please)

4. Curly hair is annoying but I’m dealing 🙄🙃

5. A lot of people call me high maintenance, I’m not. I just know what I like and what I don’t. And my authority in my discernment makes people feel uncomfortable. I don’t have to think about it, I KNOW WHAT I WANT and that’s that!

6. I love traveling. I’ve been to Thailand and Italy. I love experiencing new cultures and seeing different place. I also love coming back home to my small town where everything takes 10 minutes to get to. Sierra Vista is really growing on me and my old lady habits y’all!

7. I’ve only lived in Arizona. Arizona is so beautiful to me

8. I love kids, i don’t know why Jesus made me this way 😩😭😂 give me a baby and I’ll hold it all day! I’m the oldest of of 8 so...

9. I love eatin! I like salads, I used to eat a bag of salad every night before bed, then that heart burn started creapin up on your girl, so I can’t eat late at night anymore 💔😩 I now eat half a pint of baskin robins rainbow sherbet before bed. And if all these old people in Safeway could stop buyin it all up that’d be really great! Cause they only leave me one, when in reality I really want four! I also love meatloaf, steak, lamb, and I dibble and dabble in sea food from time to time. Just make sure an epipen is around cause I’m allergic. See, I knew crab tasted good, but my swollen lips and throat won’t let me live!! LITERALLY 😂😂💀

10. I love getting my pictures professionally taken! People ask me if I’m a model. NO, I just love myself, I love my body and honestly lets just keep it a stack. I’m vein as hell! I want my grandkids to pull out a picture of me and be like “DAMNNNN granny you was a baddie” and those are the things I think about 💭🤔 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

Happy Birthday to me! I'm a true Aries ✌🏾

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