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Eyebrow Tint

#Tinting your eyebrows is like dyeing your hair for your eyebrows. It gives them that umph! Eyebrow tinting is a safe dye that is put directly onto your eyebrows. The dye is made from sunflower seed oil. The dye adheres to your hair and a little bit of it goes onto the skin. Tinting can last up to two weeks, depending on how you take care of it. You can not get your eyebrows wet for the first 48 hours after getting them tinted. The less scrubbing and getting them directly wet you do, the longer the tint will last. Tinting your eyebrows is a great option if you have sparse, light, thin, full, or blonde eyebrows. Tinting gives the effect that you have filled in your eyebrows; it appears as if you used a pencil to fill in your eyebrows when you did not. If you do not have a lot of hair in your eyebrows tinting will not make a difference for you. You have to have hair for the dye to adhere to. If you have little to no eyebrows we suggest #Microblading or #Feathering for you. Tinting is a great "baby step" for any client interested in Microblading or Feathering. If you are apprehensive, this will help you see what it would look like if your eyebrows were fuller and had more shape to them. You get a great idea of what your eyebrows would look like if they were tattooed.

Eyebrow Tint
Wax + Tint

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