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What is the difference between Microblading vs Feathering?

What is the difference between Microblading vs Feathering you ask?

Well, first let's get into what all of this is. #Microblading and #Feathering are semi-permanent tattoos for your eyebrows. These tattoos last up to two years and are different from old school tattoos women used to get in the 90's that have now faded into colors such as green and red. How is it different? We use pigment and not body tattoo ink for your eyebrows. This pigment your body naturally fades out to nothing, breaking down the pigment. The hair strokes are added to your natural shape and your own hairs, so we do NOT shave off anyone's eyebrows to complete this procedure. This procedure is great for ANYONE! There is a big misconception that only people with no eyebrows can get this done. That is not the case! You can have full eyebrows, medium eyebrows, sparse eyebrows, thin eyebrows, or no eyebrows. Now, I will say that if you have blonde eyebrows, this will definitely help you out more than the average person with colored eyebrow hairs. Okay so now that we have the whole tattoo part down, let's get into it!!

Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo

MICROBLADING is a semi-permanent tattoo that looks like individual hair-like strokes. These strokes look like real eyebrow hairs and we use a variety of needles depending on how big your brows are. Needles can vary from 3 pin, 4 pin, 9 pin, or 14 pin. These needle numbers are the amount of needles inside one large blade. The microblading technique is done with a small hand tool. The retention in microblading lasts 6 weeks to 4 months before you get your first touch-up. When your microblade is healing you can not get them wet for the first three days. You must then use a healing cream on the third day. You can not go swimming, use a sauna, or use makeup on your eyebrows for the first two weeks. If you work out you must make sure your sweat does not get into your brows as sweat contains bacteria. With microblading you will be done healing within 2 and 1/2 weeks or sooner.

Microblading Tools
Microblading Hand Tool + Blades

Feathering Device
Feathering Machine + Needle

FEATHERING is a semi-permanent tattoo that looks like individual hair-like strokes. These strokes are very fine and defined. There is only one needle used in this cartridge; there is no blade. The feathering technique is done with an actual tattoo machine. This machine pumps out the power and speed for the needle to create the hair-like strokes. The retention in feathering lasts 8 weeks to 6 months before you get your first touch up. When your feathering is healing you can not get them directly wet for the first two weeks. You will be given a healing cream to use on them day and night over the next two weeks while they heal. You can not go swimming, use a sauna, or use makeup on your eyebrows for the next two weeks. With feathering, eyebrows tend to heal slower- some people take 2 - 3 weeks to heal.

Feathering Eyebrow Tattoo


It is important to remember touch-ups are necessary and need to be kept up with if you are interested in this procedure (this is not a one-and-done procedure). Your body will naturally get rid of some parts of the pigment faster than others or it may stay; we won't know how your body will react until we put the pigment in. If you have oily skin you will loose more pigment than someone who has dry skin.

Microblading Healed
8 weeks healed vs. 2nd touch up

The main difference here is the style, look, and retention. With feathering, the retention lasts longer because we are able to pass over a stroke with pigment more than one time vs. microblading where we can only do one pass. We have seen clients go longer in between touch-ups with feathering. And let's be honest, the less you have to see us the less you have to keep spending money on touch-ups. This is why #AcaciaB. Brows & Beauty has switched over; she wanted something that lasted for her clients, especially since she travels to provide microblading and feathering. She wanted to learn this new technique so her clients in other states, as well as her own, can go long lengths without having to come in every 4 - 6 weeks.

Feathering starts at $400 and Microblading is on sale until December 31st for $320. Each touch-up is an additional fee, but you do get to space out your touch-ups so you can save up and not feel as if you're spending a ton of money on your eyebrows. PSA: You can NOT get any of these procedures done if you are pregnant, breast feeding, HIV positive, taking chemo, or using blood thinners. We have two locations where we do eyebrows at #SierraVista & #Chandler #Arizona and also #SiouxFalls #SouthDakota. Check us out on Instagram and Facebook to see more of our work. You can also call us at 520-226-6621 to set up an appointment or ask more questions! #GoodRead #Informative

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